Child Age 7-13

The Dance A, B, C’s are the building blocks of dance technique. We teach dance in the time honored tradition of a structured dance class. The time your child spends at this level will give them the skills they need to move into the upper level classes.

Classes offered:

Ballet-A (1st and 2nd year of Ballet Training) At least 2 classes per week suggested. Proper placement and body strengthening are stressed. Ballet barre work is introduced and Tap/Modern class is available.

Ballet-B (3rd & 4th year of Ballet Training) At least 3 classes per week suggested. Ballet vocabulary is increased to include Pirouettes and a full Ballet barre. Tap/Modern and Theater Jazz classes also available at this level.

Ballet-C/D (5th & 6th year of Ballet Training) At least 3 classes per week suggested. Level-D Ballet classes conclude with 15 minutes of pre-pointe exercises at the barre. Tap, Modern, Jazz, and Body Conditioning classes are encouraged to broaden dance vocabulary while Ballet steps are being perfected.



Body Conditioning

A word about Pointe Shoes


Dancing “en pointe” is the dream of every aspiring ballerina. Here at The Pointe Academy, students must be at least 11 years old and must have strong ballet placement before being allowed to dance in “toe shoes.” It is imperative that growth plates in a dancer’s feet have fully formed before pointe shoes can be worn safely. Experience shows that dancers with strong ballet technique can go on pointe easily, but dancers who begin pointe work too early or with poor technique suffer needlessly and never truly achieve the grace on pointe that makes it a desirable endeavor.