Why does the Pointe Academy not do a recital?

Our “no recital” format is offered as an alternative in the market place for those who wish to forego the expense and interruption recitals require.

It’s a trade off. Recitals have their place and we love the art of performance but by their very nature recitals divert time and energy away from a dancer’s training. We feel that by not producing a show we can better serve the student who desires a comprehensive and challenging dance education. We do encourage our dancers to seek out performing opportunities such as Iowa Dance Theatre’s “The Nutcracker” It is our contention that this model of training will lead to greater access to dance opportunities down the road.

What is the success rate of your students?

Success can be measured many ways including technical prowess, poise, self discipline and good health. Many of our students have been accepted to outstanding regional,national and collegiate programs throughout the country. A short list of the most notable programs are: School of American ballet, The Joffrey Ballet School, American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Interlochen School of the Arts, Mercyhurst College, Stevens College, University of Oklahoma, and the University of Iowa.

Can I observe a class before enrolling?

Yes. You can also try your first class for FREE!

What is the Showcase?

Every two years we get together as a school to celebrate the achievements of all the students. It is fun, educational, relaxed and is a terrific opportunity for the students to see our dancers at all levels perform in a lecture demonstration format. We combine all the classes at each level for the performance, so during the approximately 3 months that we are preparing for the showcase you may still come to any class at your level and you’ll be working on the same material.  There are No costumes to buy only a $30 performance fee per student (in showcase years only).

Admission is free to the public.

When is a dancer ready for Pointe Shoes?

Dancing “en pointe” is the dream of every aspiring ballerina.  At The Pointe Academy, students must be at least 11 years old and must have sufficiently strong ballet placement before being allowed to dance in “toe shoes.” It is imperative that the growth plates in a dancer’s feet be fully formed before pointe shoes can be worn safely. Experience shows that dancers with strong ballet technique can go on pointe easily, but dancers who begin pointe work before they are ready suffer needlessly and rarely have a good experience. It’s best not to rush in too soon. We’ll let you know when the time is right. Beth will even go with you for your first pointe shoe purchase to insure a proper fit.  Remember she was a professional ballerina for 10 years.

How do I enroll for classes?

Students are a accepted throughout the year.  Class level is determined more by ability and previous experience than age. New students are requested to take a placement class to determine the appropriate level for greatest success. Class sizes are limited.

Please see:

New Student Enrollment


What should I wear?

For Ballet
Pink leotard, tights and shoes for children in Pre-Ballet and Kinderdance
Black leotard, pink tights and pink slippers for the women.
White T-shirts and black tights (or gym shorts) & shoes for the men.

Dress code: The New “skirted leotard” can be found at Elite Dance Outfitters, 9962 Swanson Blvd in Clive.
Their Phone # is (515) 276-6115
The style #BWC190 is on file there and all you have to do is say you need Pink for Mini Movers and Pre ballet or Black for all other levels and Angie or Susan we’ll take care of the rest.” The cost is about $25. Tights and shoes are a separate expenditure.

For Jazz/ Modern
Jazz pants and appropriate footwear (jazz shoes, ballet slippers or bare feet) may be worn with a black leotard or unitard.

Hair should be neat and away from the face – preferably in a bun for the women.

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to view their children working in class. If you wish to discuss important matters concerning your child’s dance experience please make an appointment either by phone or email. Between classes is never an optimal time for important private conversations.