Spring Showcase

Every two years The Pointe Academy presents our Showcase. This is LIKE a recital in the sense that all of our students come together as a school to present for family and friends a demonstration of the classwork we do throughout the year. All dancers in a given level are combined into one group and perform prepared material for our audience. It is UNLIKE a recital in the sense that we don’t costume the showcase or utilize a particular theme. The students wear their regular class clothes and since we have a dress code everyone is in the same color. Girls in level A and up are issued a short “ballet skirt” to dress up the show a bit and are encouraged to fix their hair in a neat and tidy bun. If their hair isn’t long enough don’t worry about it. The program is rehearsed but the showcase itself is more informal than a highly produced recital that may have sets and lighting effects. We talk to the audience throughout the evening explaining what the dancers are doing as they are doing it. It’s sort of a “play by play” so that when the students are executing a “Grand Battement” (grawn batt mawh) for example, those unfamiliar with the terminology of ballet will be clued in. Adults have told us they find the show informative and rather more interesting than watching a string of dances presented one after the other. The showcase never lasts more than two hours and that includes a short award ceremony at the end. No four hour marathons, we promise.

First Christian Church located on the corner of University Ave. at 25th St across from Drake University’s Old Main building has been our gracious host for this event and at this time we have no plans to change the venue. Thank you First Christian Church.

First Christian Church, Spring Showcase Location

First Christian Church

Throughout the day beginning at 9:00 AM dancers will have a call time to come to the church and do a final rehearsal on stage prior to the actual performance at 4:00. A detailed schedule will be posted here by late March and copies will be available at the studio. You will also be receiving one by email. Following your rehearsal you are free to leave or stay as long as you are back in the church by 3:30 PM. You are free to video your child during the rehearsal but we respectively ask you not to video the Showcase itself. The show will be professionally recorded and offered for resale at a cost of $20.00. This serves as modest fund raiser for the academy. Remember we are not -for – profit organization and you are welcome and encouraged to make a tax deductible donation to the academy. Funds are allocated toward scholarships for qualified applicants and for defraying costs associated with the Pointe Academy Dance Ensemble. There is no fee for the showcase and all are welcome to attend.

If you have a friend who may be looking for a school in which to enroll their child inviting them to attend will be fun for you and a perfect opportunity for them to see if the Pointe Academy will be a “good fit” for their family. This is a good time to remind you of our “Ballet Buddy Bucks” program. It works like this: Any currently enrolled student of the Pointe Academy who recommends our school to a friend who then enrolls and pays in full for at least one quarter (12 weeks) will receive $25 as an incentive to help us promote the school. A happy customer is the best advertising and we feel obligated to share a bit of our good fortune with our loyal customer base. It’s good business.

If you have questions call or email us and we’ll be happy to assist you.