Supporting The Pointe Academy

Support The Pointe Academy with Your Tax Deductible Donations

The Pointe Academy is a not-for-profit tax exempt educational organization that seeks funding from the community for three purposes:

  • Tuition Scholarships for students with exceptional talent or enthusiasm who need financial support to continue their dance education.
  • Performance Fund used to support public performances by The Pointe Academy Dance Ensemble.
  • The Endowment Fund establishes a stable economic platform from which long range planning is made possible.

Help The Pointe Academy Dance Ensemble

  • As a not-for-profit tax exempt educational organization, we are able to accept your tax deductible donations for our Performance Fund.
  • In some cases your donation can be matched by your employer. Our bylaws forbid us to go into debt for any production, so your donation in advance of our performances helps determine the budget for the next show.

Will You Help?
Call Hank or Beth at 515-279-0742 or 515-556-9218